Healthy Eating & Weight Management

Employers will want to implement universal approaches, throughout the workplace, to encourage healthier eating and opportunities to get active. While doing this will benefit all, some employees may benefit from more specific approaches to support them to manage their weight.

Employers should consider signposting employees with excess weight (i.e. with a BMI of 25kg/m2 or above) to available weight management support. This should be done sensitively and as part of a broader occupational health led approach to encouraging a healthier weight.

Steps for Employers:

  • Consult with employees: find out what they need to support them to achieve and maintain a healthier weight and/or help prevent excess weight gain
  • Consider the type of support and weight management programmes that you offer according to your staff profile, and be aware that different groups may require different approaches. Some groups are typically more difficult to engage with weight management (e.g. men, some BAME groups, people with learning disabilities)
  • Consider occupational health approaches, including health checks, which can become the starting point for a conversation about a healthier weight, guided by the health professional undertaking the health check
  • Consider the introduction of evidencebased, multi-component (including diet, physical activity and behaviour change components) workplace weight management services. This might include the provision of services in the workplace or subsidised access to external weight management services.
  • Signpost to evidence-based weight management services available in the local community. These may be commercial or funded by the local authority, and should be in line with guidance by Public Health England (link above) and NICE Guidance
  • Signpost to other sources of support and evidence-based information related to weight, such as One You
  • Signpost to health professionals: suggest that employees concerned about their weight can seek advice from their GPs or practice nurse, who will help assess the cause of any weight gain and, if appropriate, agree a plan to help lose weight
  • Ensure that line managers are aware of the support that is available, both through work and externally, and are equipped and supported to share this information with employees if requested
  • Develop an agreed occupational health strategy related to weight management in the workplace which could encompass many of the above points and streamline the organisation’s approach (this could, for example, include a central collation of resources and information available which is then cascaded to line managers for them to signpost to, or is accessible for employees via a shared platform)

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough  Adult Weight Management Services – Healthy You

Healthy You is a service commissioned by Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council. It includes services such as Adult Weight Management, Stop Smoking, NHS Health Checks, Falls Prevention, Health Trainer, Alcohol Reduction, National Child Measurement Programme and Healthy You for Schools.

The Adult Weight Management service consists of:

Option 1:

  • Help to lose and maintain a healthy weight with Healthy You.
  • Weight Management Groups held once a week for 12 weeks, you can join the group at any time.
  • Each session includes 45 minutes nutritionist support and 45 minutes physical activity. This is tailored to each person’s individual needs.

Option 2:

12 week Referral to Slimming World

Option 3:

12 week referral to Wellness the Works (formerly Weight Watchers)


Residents of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough aged 16+ with a BMI 25+

To access Slimming World or Wellness that Works, referrals cannot have been a paying member for the 12 weeks prior to the point of referral for either of these options.

Work out your BMI using the calculator below:

Supplied by BMI Calculator UK

Start your weight loss journey today

If you would like to talk to someone about this service and how it can help  then please call  0333 005 0093 or text Healthyu to 60777

Tier 3:

  • BMI 35+ with other health issues, like Type 2 diabetes


  • Help to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

More information can be found on the Healthy You website Adult Weight Management – Healthy You