Managing Mental Health

End the silence

Making sure everyone can talk about mental health is an important step your business can take to help people manage it. Much progress has been made in reducing the stigma of mental health, but we still need to do more. Despite many employees feeling their employer or line manager would be supportive if they shared a mental health issue, a significantly smaller number of people actually do disclose concerns. Some say this is because they fear discrimination.

A progressive approach to mental health encourages employees to be alert to their own health and to flag concerns and to share their concerns and issues before they become serious. This works best when staff feel they can do this without fear of judgment by colleagues. In turn this can have a positive impact on business performance.

Employees need to feel confident that they can be open about their mental health problems, to know that support is there if they need it and that anything shared would be in confidence.

To help tackle stigma, follow Time to Change’s five-point plan for running anti-stigma activities.


Tackle stigma

  • Ensure mental health can be discussed openly and without fear of judgement by following Time to Change’s tips on anti stigma activities.

Open the conversation

  • Develop an internal communications approach or campaign to promote the importance of mental health in the organisation.
  • National events like Mental Health Awareness Week (in May) can be good opportunities to launch your own events.

Adopt standards on stress

  • Adopt the HSE Management Standards to reduce stress in your workplace.

Help manage wellness

  • Develop Wellness Action Plans to help ensure employees can stay healthy or manage any mental health concerns that they are experiencing.