Resilience at Work

How do we encourage resilience at work, and what are the benefits?

We are made up of so many elements that define our identity, from culture and language to interests, causes, political views and beliefs. Our whole self comes to work so it is hard to leave elements at home.

So, when it comes to resilience, why is it important to consider all these factors that shape someone’s identity? Firstly, a definition of resilience; ‘Resilience is a set of qualities that enable us to adapt and transform and learn from circumstances.’ You may have heard of a ‘growth mindset’ and this is about us learning how we overcome challenging times/instances, how we have developed and recognising these qualities. Resilience is unique to every person and is shaped by their own personality and identity.

The pandemic has given us a perfect example of how we need to talk about what has happened over the last 2 years and how we have coped, adapted, and learned from events, if these examples are talked about at work as well then overall resilience will increase whilst your staff feel they are valued and supported.

You could start the conversation with your team on how your business/industry has adapted and how the team have responded, resilience can also be described as ‘Psychological flexibility to think and adapt and develop strengths’ perhaps ask your team about their strengths?

We cannot be unaffected by life; but we can aim to be better able to cope effectively, and this is what resilience building is all about. The pandemic has given us chance to evaluate this personally and professionally and it is a useful discussion point to have with your team where you can also talk about personal circumstances too.

Jane Thompson manages The Workplace Wellbeing Hub ( which is funded and managed by local support charity Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy. The Hub also gives further information on how a Workplace Chaplain could support your team, providing a safe space for employees to offload and be listened to. For more information on the Listening Service and Workplace Chaplain email

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