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Mental Health Zone

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Be Smokefree, Drink & Drug Aware Zone

All sessions have limited spaces

Mental Health Zone

MECC (Making Every Contact Count) lite training

MECC Lite Training; 9:30am - 12:30pm on 13th October 2021

MECC is about reflecting on the conversations we have to ensure we make the most of every opportunity to engage in a healthy conversation. This course enables people to make the most of the opportunistic moments that can make a difference to people’s health and wellbeing. By supporting people to make changes to their lifestyles it is possible to prevent ill health, improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities. This course is suitable for anyone in contact with the general public – our health is a priority!

Hi I’m Jenny, the Community Engagement Network Lead across the South Locality. I have also previously been a Health Trainer and I lead on the MECC training for Healthy You. I am also a Mental Health First Aider and Instructor. MECC Lite is a fantastic course for anyone engaging with others and having conversations about people’s health and wellbeing – we can all make a difference, even with just a 2 minute conversation! MECC Lite equips us with Healthy Conversation Skills to enable us to facilitate positive and empowering conversations that can bring about healthy lifestyle behaviour change.

Back to Basics

Mental Health Awareness - 1:30pm - 4:30pm on 13th October 2021 

This is a basic level awareness course intended for employees with management responsibility and or considering becoming a Mental Health First Aider. Through information, role play and interactive discussion the session will provide a basic understanding of mental health in the workplace and provide options for developing your knowledge and skills on mental health in the workplace.


Mental Health Policies in practice - 1.30pm - 2.30pm 14th October 2021

Mental Health is a growing concern in the workplace. This session discusses the importance of effective and supportive Mental Health policies in the workplace with real world examples.

Workplace Chaplaincy/Workplace Wellbeing Hub

The Whole Self at Work - How to support you or your team - 11.15 - 12noon 14th October 2021

Learn about different resources available in Cambs and how additional 1-2-1 support for yourself and employees can support the whole-self. We will discuss ways to respond to workplace stress, illness and injury so that staff are supported with compassion.

We will have two experienced workplace Chaplains and counsellors discussing the latest pressures the self-employed, employees and managers, including typical challenges organisations are facing to ensure wellbeing is front and centre of HR policy post-Covid19.

After Umbrage

Care for those who care. How can we you? - 3.15pm - 4pm 11th October 2021

11% of the workforce have caring responsibilities at home, that is 3 million people. Their loved one might have cancer, dementia or their child might have a disability. Many don’t identify with the label. It’s common that unpaid carers are exhausted both mentally and physically as the strain of constant hospital appointments and uncertainty over their future take their toll. It is indeed rare for a carer to experience someone caring for them.  After Umbrage does just that.

Tracy Wilkinson is the Marketing Manager for After Umbrage, the charity that provides ‘Care for those who Care’. It is named after the teddy bear, Umbrage, that belonged to the founder’s mother. The charity cares for carers by providing free breaks at their holiday cottage, Kingham Cottage. Set in the countryside outside the historic city of Bath, carers who stay there say there is a magic that wraps its arms around carers giving them comfort.

Being a carer can be hard and being a carer while you’re working can be even more difficult. This session will talk about how we can support employees who are or may be carers in your company.


The Impact of Business and Social Activities on Autistic People's wellbeing - 3pm - 4pm 15th October 2021

Socialising and working often has a ‘hidden tax’ for autistic adults. For some autistic people, lockdown improved their wellbeing due to the changes in place. This talk explores masking, sensory overload and autistic burnout in adults, including the voices of those with lived experience.

Liz Taylor – CEO Red2Green. Liz started at Red2Green in September 2018 as Chief Operating Officer overseeing day services. She has since worked her way up to the position of CEO, a role she has been in since May 2021. Liz's experience in autism has been acquired through her previous roles in education, including a tenure as Head of Maths in a large secondary school, as well as personal experience with family members. She attends autism and employment partnership groups regularly, and is Chair of the Social Training Enterprise Group (STEnG). She has played a key role in ensuring that day services for autistic adults and those with learning disabilities has been heard throughout the pandemic and she is a fierce advocate. Liz is passionate about scaffolding independence, and enabling others to achieve what they want out of life. She spends her spare time playing the violin, gardening, crocheting (slowly) and cuddling her two cats.

Katie Allen Coaching & Consulting

Resilience in the workplace in the time of Covid - 3.30pm - 4.30pm on 14th October 2021

In recent years, wellbeing, quite rightly, has been on the agenda in many organisations.  The past 18 months has seen the spotlight increase as the majority of the world changed the way they worked almost overnight, and managing heightened levels of isolation and anxiety became a reality that no-one predicted.

But as conversations return to “a new normal” there is an increasing feeling among many people that something is simply different now.  Many of us aren’t the same people we were 18 months ago, and the reasons for this are as varied as we are as human people.

During this 1 hour session we will examine how the world has shifted around us and what this has meant to the values that we each hold as individuals.  We will explore:

  • How did we get here: The various ways in which the world has changed around us.
  • How do I identify my values?
  • Starting the conversation around what this means for us.
  • Inspiration for a way forward and people who can help.

Join Katie Allen, Executive Coach and DEI Consultant, as shares her experiences and leads us on a journey of recognising the values that are truly important to our personal wellbeing, and how we can use these to start the conversations we need to move forward.

All sessions have limited spaces

Move More Zone

Netwalking (Living Sport)

Everyone needs to be more active and connecting with others is important personally and professionally. Netwalking is a great way to do both and get some fresh air at the same time. These sessions will obviously not be virtual so reserve your place, put on your walking shoes and join us.

Kelly, Head of Business Development at Living Sport helps organisations increase the activity levels of their employees, improving their physical and mental health through a programme called Workplace Movement and other active workplace initiatives. An active workforce is not just great for employees, it's also excellent for business too – it can help to reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, increase productivity and improve the bottom line, it can enhance morale and creativity and help attract and retain great talent. Every day at work can be a good day, when you have a culture where happy healthy staff can perform at their best.

Living Sport are confirmed for 3 sessions:

1. Netwalking at Nene Park, 12pm - 1.30pm on 13th October 2021

2. How to be an Active Workplace (online session) - for good physical, mental and business health, 2pm - 2:45pm on 12th October

3. Netwalking at Milton Country Park, 11am - 12:30pm on 15th October 2021

Walk Leader Training

Workplace Walk Leader workshop 10am - 12:30pm on the 12th October 2021.

Learn how to organise and lead workplace walks in this Workplace Walk Leader workshop. We will cover :

  • The importance of physical activity
  • Role of a walk leader
  • Mapping a walk
  • Risk assessing a walk
  • Setting up walks in your organisation

Giving you the confidence and skills needed to be able to set up and lead walks near you

All sessions have limited spaces

Eat Well Zone

Healthy Eating in the workplace

3pm - 3.45pm 12th October 2021

This session will talk about ways to eat healthier during the workday whether you have access to food at work, take your own or a combination.

All sessions have limited spaces

Rest Well Zone

Sleep Ambassador programme (Sleep Charity, Princes and John Lewis)

Sleep Ambassador - 2.30pm - 3.15pm on 14th October 2021

The Sleep Charity has been piloting a new workplace programme, Sleep Ambassadors, and 2 local workplaces with our service have been participating – John Lewis and Princes. In this session, Sleep Charity will talk about who they are and this as part of their workplace offer and John Lewis and Princes will talk about their experience so far in the pilot.

Sleep is fundamental to our health and wellbeing, and yet more than a third of us don’t sleep well at any given point. This sleepy session (which won’t put you to sleep!) will look at the importance of sleeping to health and wellbeing, the impact poor sleep has on the workplace and the reasons behind the launch of the Workplace Sleep Ambassadors project.

Lisa has worked in the realm of sleep for more than 10 years and previously headed up The Sleep Council, a not-for-profit advisory organisation, that merged with The Sleep Charity in July 2020. Here, she was instrumental in driving consumers awareness of the need for a good night’s sleep, generating thousands of pounds of press and broadcast coverage and working alongside companies such as Virgin Airlines and John Lewis on sleep projects.

A qualified children’s sleep practitioner and experienced sleep advisor, Lisa is responsible for the strategic and operational aspects of the charity and with a background in PR and marketing, she is pivotal to the charity’s campaigning around the importance of sleep to health and wellbeing, as well as advocating sleep on the Public Health agenda. She has a keen interest around adult sleep, workplace wellbeing and the link between sleep and mental health.

All sessions have limited spaces

Be Smokefree, Drink & Drug Aware Zone

Alcohol Health Trainer and Stop Smoking service

1.30pm - 2.15pm 11th October 2021

Alcohol and smoking can have a negative impact on your workplace health, wellbeing and productivity. If you are looking for support to inform and or help your staff to drink less or quit smoking we can help. Come to this session to find out more.

All sessions have limited spaces

Healthy You

Overview Session - 9.30 - 10.30 11th October 2021

In this session the Community Engagement Network Lead team will be explaining all things Healthy You, including what free support we provide to improve the health and wellbeing of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough residents, the referral process and what free training we also have on offer. From Weight Management and Stop Smoking to more specific services such as Carer and Alcohol reduction Health Trainer, we will deliver a short presentation followed by a Q&A style format where we can answer any questions you may have about Healthy You.

Papworth Trust

Disability Confident -11.15 - 12.00noon 11th October 2021

This session will talk about what is Disability Confident the benefits of being a DC employer as well as the easy process of signing up and becoming a DC employer.

Healthy Workplaces

Network Taster - 10.00am -11 .00pm 13th October 2021

Healthy Leads Network meetings are bimonthly opportunities for all of our workplaces to come together for updates, speakers and networking. Come to this taster session and meet some of our current workplaces and ask about our service from their point of view.

All sessions have limited spaces

NHS Health Checks

  • For more information on booking your free NHS Healthcheck, please contact 0333 005 0093 or text HEALTHYU TO 60777 or visit .
  • The following clinics are available during Workplace Wellbeing week:
    • Monday 11th – St Ives Library
    • Tuesday 12th – Ramsey Library
    • Wednesday 13th – Huntingdon Library
    • Thursday 14th – Ely Library

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